Drawing Guillaume waking up in his bunk. ‘Would Guillaume wear a shirt to bed?  Oh, wait, that’s a stupid question.’


-ok so if you aren’t trying to blow up the school or whatever, then what are you trying to do?

-we want to expose the truth about this place

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an addendum to my previous post: we HAVE seen a bunch of our kids in sleepwear. this is very distressing, because it appears the only kids who wear fancy pajamas are pamela and irina. (i’m always amused by how rather than change into something more flexible and sneaky to go see fortunato irina just stayed in her nightgown) because in #31 you can see jun and ike just wearing plain white shirts in bed too??? like you’d at least expect ike to have ridiculously expensive/fancy silk pajamas. terrible. 

hunter at least offers some variety because in #39 i JUST remembered he has a not penny’s boat shirt on instead.

i hope some more of these kids have something fancy for pajamas because so many of these are so plain. none of you understand dressing up.

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morning glories + one panel per issue

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